Wednesday, 15 July 2009


The garden here is exposed. My previous garden in Portscatho is in a fertile valley sheltered from the winds. Things grow there that I can never grow here. It is a natural sun trap which my children are now enjoying. Back here at Tregear Vean the battle against the elements continues daily. Its growing well, the combination of rain and sun just now is more April than July . Everything I've put in this year thrives wonderfully well but there is still no place out there to sit in the sun when it's blowing. After a few moments  we just reluctantly come back inside.   However  we have got a summer house on its way!   Having given a great deal of thought to the problem we finally had a swift rush of blood to the head and ordered  a big one which will sit in our little courtyard facing the sun! Problem sorted   ..... we hope.  
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