Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Roughs seas

Yesterday we arranged to meet my sister in law Betty and her sister off the ferry from Falmouth. They are backpacking around Cornwall following the deaths of both their husbands. The sea was rough , the rain was cold wet and driving. They got off the ferry looking pale and very wobegone. We took them for a drink and some lunch whilst they regained their composure. They had done the boat trip....that was it, they would get a bus to the next destination! We took them up to our house and then at their request on to see the church. They loved it. Eventually we took them over to Falmouth to collect their luggage and they were ready for the next adventure...St Austell this morning! Hats off to them both! We laughed and we cried together remembering other times and places...it did us all good to talk about our lost loved ones.
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