Thursday, 17 September 2009

Joe's Funeral

It was very appropriate that I should have taken part in a funeral yesterday for an old man who had got to 90 before popping his clogs. I opened the service and closed it with the burial. The rest was done by a lovely methodist minister, Janice and members of the family. It was a good example of the covenant working but as well it had a feeling of completion, a rightness which the family fully appreciated. Joe had been born and lived most of his life at Tregear Vean which is where I now live. So had quite few of the family. It was mentioned lots of time by various of them and when I told Joe over the coffin that I would keep Tregear Vean safe and was planting an orchard on one of his fields there was a sigh and then they clapped. The family approved and so did Joe I know. I am going to get a lot more visitors in the next mean't so much to them to be able to come and look. God has His mysterious ways after all.
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