Friday, 2 October 2009


The last few days have been chaotic. One small thing went wrong and there we were.....I wasted a whole day trying to sort out a computer problem. The router would not get on with my mac for reasons best known to itself! I spent a morning on the phone with Apple who gave me the name of a man in Newquay who could sort it all out! He didn't! But we did get lost on the way back from Newquay and I still don't know how! Back here we realised that it was the day for retuning the TV! I thought I'd failed at yet another techno problem but its seemed that no one else could get channel 5 either! But it all took time! On the same day two of my friends died in the Hospice. Yesterday my old tutor arrived for lunch, David's up in Birmingham, the children from school are coming to pick blackberries and Tesco is delivering enough food to feed to the bishops party on Sunday! This computer is now allowing me access to the internet but Davids computer isn't! Hey ho!
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