Sunday, 24 January 2010


So far so good. Nothing else out there!
Today is interesting on several counts. Not least that I shall be working this evening! The Episcapol priest rang me last night to ask if I would share a service with her and so this lunch time we are eating together to sort out who will do what! As we have litlle in the way of robes or liturgy it's going to be interesting to see what we can produce out of the hat! I do have a collar with me and the old prayer book. We may have to improvise on a stole!

We were told last night that the American war ship is within reach and can get to our aid in minutes if needed! Not sure if that's supposed to be a reassurance!

It's very quiet so far today. We have advanced the clocks by two hours in two days so many are not yet up! Here it's nearly ten. At home it's nearly six!

The lunch with Sarah went well. Her parish in new York is very difficult and it makes me realise yet again how lucky I am!
We will provide communion using the Alternative prayer book, a borrowed chalice and paton and a rudimentary stole.
We even nobbled a passing musician to come and play for us.l
Later still
It was very weird walking through this ship in a dog collar! The service was totally unfamiliar to me but I managed. So did the 42 who came! They were very apppreciative and it was worth doing.
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