Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bishop Tim

There is a meeting this afternoon with the new Bishop. It is for women to voice their views and get his views on various aspects of the church. I am going but I am also hoping that the militant ones in our midst don't feel the need to go into verbal battle. I have never been a convincing feminist even in the old days of bra burning! I had a very militant colleague when I was teaching who used to embarrass me frequently by jumping on every passing band wagon. I was very pleased when women were allowed into the church at last but this is a battle we have now won. When suffecient women have acquired the experience required I am sure that female bishops will be we have won...mostly by just getting on with the job. Many of the people here who hated the idea of women priests have come round now they have seen us in action. I have only one man left who will not take communion from me. So we have won the battle, no need to get on our soap boxes which is what happened last time we all met. In my youth I could never have believed that I would in old age be the voice of reason...but thats the way it is! Its a weird world!
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