Sunday, 18 April 2010


I am not in the best mood this morning to take two services in church with or without children. Yesterday I found that my house in Portscatho had had a leak....its only a little leak and only when the winds blowing! That was what my son who is still up in the north told me! I rang up to find out what was happening and my daughter in law was a bit vague and said she'd tried to get it fixed but the builder had let her down. Hmmm Time to go and have a look! I was met by a scene of chaos! Water marks were on precious furniture. There was a crack in the ceiling and tiles in the sitting room had been displaced. The whole house had been invaded by teddy bears! David counted around 40! I was too shocked to count! Off I went to talk to my friend the builder! The bottom line here was that she had told him not to go ahead with it if it was too expensive! I set off and in ten minutes had got hold of the appropriate people. A ladder was put up and there is a hole in the roof! I will of course pay for the whole thing including anything that needs to be done in the loft.....but I am now feeling as though I have given someone a present which they have then trashed. Not a good place to be in on Sunday morning!
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