Monday, 24 May 2010

Good news or bad news

On the way home last night we had a small accident. On a very tight lane David gingerly edged past a car which stopped just after a passing place. The driver should have gone back but she was standing her ground. As we thought we were clear there was a grinding sound. David jumped out and so did the woman shouting and screaming at him. He was wonderful. Get it fixed and send me the bill he said. She was still very angry and he gave her his address and phone number. We came home and thought no more about it.
Very early this morning the phone rang. It was she. And it was obvious that she had been wound up. The man who saw the whole thing took a photo and said he thought you'd been drinking she said. David said in perfect truth that he'd been in church. That took the wind out of her sails. I called her back. The penny dropped slowly and only when I said I had lived quite close to her did she realise who I was. At that point the conversation took on a different tone. I reassured her that he had certainly not been drinking. Not even communion wine.
She told us where she was taking her car and it was where we are known. David drove our car down and told them to send her bill to him.
The good news in case you were wondering was how fast she changed her position when she realised we were not tourists. The bad news is that my darling husband will pay for both cars to be repaired. I am proud of him and his innate good manners. A lesson. Albeit an expensive one to us all.

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