Saturday, 29 May 2010


Having had a couple of days to play with this extraordinary new toy I realise it's main delight is the clarity of the pictures. My photos look wonderful in large bright colours and then there are the films and videos. I found one or two not previously seen and although the download time is long you can use the rest of the aps whilst you are doing it..they do not cost the average price of a seat at the cinema! The key board is also wonderful. I can see it without my specs and my fat fingers hit the right letters with no trouble at all. I apologize to all my friends who didn't know I was now a nerd but it really is going to be useful! In previous years I have sat in the back of the car scribbling on bits of paper to write my sermons ,then on the tiny iPhone. This thing has a word processor which is as good as the one on my fact its the same one. The screen has also been developed to be used outside easily. Since I got it though the sun has been firmly in so theres been no chance to test it. I'll let you know.

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