Saturday, 12 June 2010


Had a very happy day in the garden. Our gardener John does not do hand weeding. He is very happy with the strimmer and to be fair there's more than enough to do without bending down and getting hot and dirty. So I do it and am very happy doing most of it..I warned him off the hedges a couple of years ago. I wanted them thick and untidy. That way they keep the wind out to some degree but also because there are wonderful things growing in them. Bluebells grown on one stretch and hollyhocks and foxgloves. Who cut cut these down?John could and did. But no more. Now they are very beautiful. The agapanthas that suffered last year seem to have survived the worst of last winter and are already putting out their little spears..The roses are already heavy with flower and we have apples and cherries, small but growing. Isn't nature wonderful.

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