Sunday, 15 August 2010


It's been a quiet day. So far. crispin walked around the garden with me so that's a huge improvement. I made the lunch myself today having had only one very early communion. David usually does most of it whilst Im out working but today I got on with it and we enjoyed the roast beef and the Eaton mess.
I am still playing with this iPad and finding new things you can do with it. Today I learned how to use my phone camera to put pics on here wirelessly and very easily. If I can do it, it must be easy.
A trawl through the vestry cupboards this morning revealed that we are running out of baptism forms and cards, especially the ones with candles..
I need some for the christening coming up in a couple of weeks. In the past I've got them from the SPCK shop which is now a mere shadow of it's former self.. Church publishing may help but tomorrow I will see what's available on the internet.

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  1. Where in the world are you to have an SPCK shop, even if it is a mere shadow of its former self? I thought they'd all closed down, apart from the odd few that came out as independents...