Monday, 27 September 2010

Airport problems

We arrived at Exeter airport at 6am this morning having left home at four. We got on the plane and were told of the problems of driving over France. This could delay us a little.
An hour later we were told the real problem. Someone had closed the door badly and it had had a leak of gas which meant we couldn't fly.
We all sat on the plane, noise levels rising along with the temperature.
Eventually we were asked to get off taking all out luggage with us. Off we went back to the departure lounge. We found a table and some companions and waited. And waited. The captain came to explain. It was technical No way of knowing how long it was going to take.
They failed to fix it and another plane was sent for. Eventually we took off around three pm.
We are half way there. We are very late for checking into out hotel. We have no way of knowing if our hire car is waiting for us. It's been a very long day so far. David and I need our nap!

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