Monday, 6 September 2010


Last week I posted a picture on Twitter of babies lying covered in flies in the aftermath of the Pakistan flooding. Last night there was a second post. A reporter had found the family and sent a long and detailed account of what has happened to the family. They lost everything in the flood including the fathers job. They have no home, no food, no clean water. Nothing in fact. These people are going to die. Disease could spread rapidly in these conditions and it's very important that help is sent to them.
This morning I had a couple of visitors. Members of the local church talking about a day of prayer on Saturday. I said I wanted part of the morning to pray for Pakistan.
I was dismayed by their response. They had all the stock arguments particularly about sending money. How could we be sure it got to the right place. There were a lot of rich people there. Were they looking after their own? What about their involvement in terrorism? Could we trust Muslims anyway?
The people are suffering. What has gone before is not really Important. I spent ten years teaching Asian children In Rochdale to speak English. They are all individuals and their families are starving, in dirty conditions. Of course we have to help them. I have sent money and will send more and on Saturday we will pray for the whole country. Please if you can, join in the prayer if nothing else. Pray works.

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