Thursday, 30 September 2010

Crusty old woman.

Today has been very hot here so we decided on a day by the pool. The loungers were mostly empty. No towels keeping places so we thought our luck was in and settled down. I had a lovely swim all on my own. The moment was dented slightly when someone switched on the music but it was redeemed a moment later when I realized it was a Queen record so all was well....I swam lazily up and down and then went to dry off...
Minutes later the music changed, a man started shouting and people arrived. We had stumbled upon a scene I thought not to exist anyone. An organized exercise routine in the pool. All women, they stood waving their arms to music whilst a very energetic girl came to demand that I join in. When I shook my head she then said
"You don't want to get wet eh? ". We only coped for a few more minutes before decamping and going for a drink in the bar a long way from the noise.
Am I getting old and crusty? Well old certainly though most of the women were at least my age. The fact that this had been organized was not the problem. It was the fact that they tried to get all the people who had gone for a quiet swim involved and the haranguing of us all was dreadfully embarrassing for some who had just gone for a quiet life. This is not a holiday camp. It's a very good hotel.
Next time we get to the pool and find it empty we shall know why and take evasive action.

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