Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day one and a bit

Yesterday was such a day of missed connections and crossed wires that it's better to just forget it. Today was so perfect that it's been wiped out now. Its still hot here and we have a lovely balcony that gets the morning sun. So we had a quiet start to the day whilst I did the unpacking. At lunch time we rallied and went off for the first sangria of the hols...followed by the hotel BBQ. Which in fact was a paella made in front of us by a very good chef.
We then slept very soundly for a couple of hours..we soon get into siesta mood here.
I can get onto the Internet by using 3G on the iPhone but as yet the wifi has eluded me. I tried to pay for it at reception but they said to do it on line. The paradox completely escaped them that in order to pay on line you first had to get on line! I will keep trying.
I've had the first swim and the pool is much quieter than in former years, possibly because it's not yet half term!
It's been a perfect start to the holiday. Long may it continue. Well for three weeks anyway.

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