Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Weather and the septic tank

It has been the most appalling weather today. The wind was forceful. It was dark and chilly and then it started raining too. It was certainly autumnal and it got me sorting out clothes. This morning it was quite possible that I might put on a pair of socks it was so bad. So this was the day our new neighbours had booked to have have the septic tank we share, emptied. Oh what joy!
I spent a happy morning sorting out winter woolies and carefully putting all the sun tops and swimming stuff in the spare room. We are going away at the end of next week. It wasn't quite the start of the packing but it took our minds off what was going on outside.
The wagon, otherwise known as the honey wagon arrived and my husband went out to see if he could help. Bad mistake. There was a blockage and it needed several men and the right rods to get that running free. All this time water was pouring down their faces and I tried very hard not to notice...along with the smell and the fact that stuff was being blown by the wind.....
My dearly beloved finally got back into the house very wet and bringing with him a piece of paper.
"What's that?" I asked. "I've told them I'll pay." he said.
"Well it's only fair. They could only have contributed a tea cup."
Fair enough. Good day all round.

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