Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My husband the builder

Very early this morning David appeared looking extremely smart and very perky. He was off to a retired directors lunch and is now the oldest membe who is still able to get about.
He started work with a large building firm after doing engineering at Imperial College. He built his way up over the years to end on the board of a large family firm who seldom brought in a non family member.
The first time we drove through London together he kept pointing at new building and saying. "I built that". From anyone else this would have been a bit of a boast but it was actually true. He project managed many of the new or restored buildings all over the capital and also oversaw the building of the midlands section of the A1.
He was the first project manager of Canary Wharf and sat through many of it's banking problems until the Americans took it over.
Now his old friends and colleagues arrive at our door and announce themselves as if I should know who they are. Or they ring from a boat in the harbor and arrange lunch or dinner somewhere. They all stay in touch.
Many are very amused that he married a priest.
His first wife had a stroke and David looked after her for a year till she died. We have now been married for almost five years but he is very laid back about my being a Clerk in Holy Orders. His brother was also a priest so he knows we are actually human.
The astonishing thing is that he hasn't told anyone here much at all about his former life. Only the local builders know because some of them have worked for him in his former life and the respect they show him is amazing.
He has driven himself to the station and will come back by train. He enjoys seeing all his old friends and by the time he gets in tonight he will be sober.

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