Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bad day for Democracy?

I am getting old and I fully accept this today. Synod is voting to try to stop schism, students on the other hand are demonstrating yet again against the proposed increases in student fees.
I do not imagine that any frustration or anger at synod will be shown by throwing over the chairs even though some might feel like it but the latest reports from London seem to show that both students and police are escalating the demo which seems to be turning into a riot.
Ever so easy to say in a quavering voice, "It wasnt like this when I was a girl." But of course it was. One of my ancesters got killed in the Peterloo riots. My grandad got locked out of the mines as a young man and had to move his family north because after the strike he would never have got work again. He should have been a very angry man but he wasn't. Being a Christian scientist saved him from that.
Injustice seems to be a fact of life for all generations but we have had some quiet years...years that looked very good indeed until our bubble burst.
I have friends in America who are struggling financially for the first time in their lives, so they are lashing out. Poor Obama who was elected in clouds of glory has now hit the fan. The tea party is gunning for him in a big way and we have people here who support everything they say.
This blog is not about politics or religion...we all have our points of view and because we are human they differ, one from the other, especially people with well established religious views...we are the worst!
But really why on earth should we actually fall out with each other because we take a different point of view?
We are the sum total of our experience..and all our experiences are different. so its no wonder we have different beliefs.
I who have never ever voted Conservative have had two arch Tory husbands and loved them both.
I would very much like to take Nick Clegg to one side to ask him what the hell he is doing...but thats just one of my hang ups...having actually voted for gives me a right to be dismayed. Others may well disagree.. and that is what this blog is all about...we are all different, we have different points of views but if we like each each other even then learning to tolerate a diverse view, that may stem from a deep seated unhappiness or frustration is part of the growing process..
I hope I am still growing...may even yet produce a flower...


  1. We can, with reasoned argument at least come to an understanding, even with those whose views are the absolute opposite of our own.
    Like you, I was married to a 'dyed-in-the-wool' Tory and am myself a life-long far-left Socialist but ultimately agreed to respect each others' views and had a reasonably happy 38 year marriage.
    Why, oh why does every issue where opinions are divided have to end on the battlefield?
    Where is the 'still small voice of calm' in all this?.

  2. I suppose I can say, hand on heart, I voted Green, therefore, none of this mess is my fault. But that would be cynical.

    We all bear some share of responsibility for the state of the country and economy, we voted in the Politicians, of whatever colour, who have allowed the situation to get to this stage. We have all enjoyed security and relative prosperity, while the rest of the world has gone to hell in a handcart.

    The best we can do is to see what we can do to help and support those in our communities who are now struggling and perhaps give them some hope - surely this is the role and mission of the church, instead of naval gazing about gender, or who is doing what to who in the privacy of their home.

    I live on a pension, which was not increased this year, as it is a government one, and had the CPI applied to it - so, no increase, along with thousands of others. Meanwhile every thing has gone up. I can survive, but many others are now suffering real deprivation and poverty. That's our challenge, not arguing whose fault it is.