Friday, 12 November 2010

Warring factions 2

They have lost the last post again. Don't know where it is but I have only time to post a shorter version. The gale yesterday threatened to bring down a very tall eucalyptus tree so we went out this morning to anchor it to the hedge . That was when it was still possible to walk upright. Since then the wind has increased dramatically and I have got to go out.
We have a rehearsal for remembrance Sunday in the next village.
This is often as stormy inside as out. They shout at each other and disagree on every point. The words "We have always done it like this" rend the air but unfortunately no one version agrees with another.
As I battle my way through the utterly dreadful weather I shall be praying for calm and for reasonable behavior all round. They will I am sure remember the year I threw one of them out with the words...Come back when you remember this is the house of God not a battlefield.
I have to protect the brownies from the very militant and embattled at all cost. Prayers wouldn't go amiss.
Sadly the group that turned up tonight were mere shadows of their former selves. The brownies refused to play, some older veterans had died and the rest were very muted. I was able to move them around the set with no dissent of any kind. It's really very sad but it is reflection to us all that things move on. Time takes it's toll and we can only go along with it. No choice on that one.

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