Saturday, 26 February 2011

Printer walloping

Did you ever see the video of a cat sitting over a printer and walloping it hard. Today I am that cat! It has taken the best part of the morning to sort out various problems and changing the black ink was a mere interlude in the rest of the goings on! My main problem was that my mac doesn't really like Word. I use Word to do service sheets because that's the way I know best! Until the printer decides to go on strike! Twice Word simply stopped responding and had to be forcibly quit!
Twice I paused the printer because I'd spotted a spelling mistake only to find it was printing the original error so the whole thing had to be cancelled and then restarted! The stupid thing about the spelling was that the spell check had substituted a daft word which I couldn't ignore!
Once I'd got to screaming pitch the husband, the dog and the cat moved quietly to a different part of the house! Husband did finally offer help because he's got two pukka printers whilst mine is still steam driven!
By that time it was a battle. Me versus was a point of honour that I should win! And I did. I have, but only at the cost of a load of waste paper...and a half finished sermon which I decided to print before it failed me completely... I will use actual handwriting to finish it later!
Pen and ink.....those were the days!
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