Thursday, 3 February 2011

Talent night

Oh dear. The grand talent night concert has just occurred. We had to go because the famous tenor on our table had got us seats on the front row
This served us right! We had to sit through it all. There was no chance of slipping away from the back.
They were all talented but some were living proof that once you need a hearing aid, a wheel chair or are only six years old you might be better not competing.
Our famous bloke was good. He sang a song from "Phantom" and used the stage to good effect. But he had sung it better at the table when he wasn't overworking the voice.
The man who sang a Tom Lehrer ditty called "I hold your hand in mine dear" lost his audience because he failed to let them in on the joke that the hand was no longer attached. Only me and a guy from the next table got it!
There were good things especially a wonderfully voiced woman who sang "Vie en rose" magnificently.
At the very end a callow young man was allowed on as an extra act. The audience voted with their feet, the equivalent of the hook ,a resounding thumbs down. Poor lad.
Some had to go to eat straight away. We have an hour and a half yet so we are going for a stiff drink. We have deserved it.

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  1. This I think is the definitive "captive audience". Poor Jean. Never mind it will be one thing more to laugh about in retrospect.