Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cellular data!

Today is just the perfect Spring Day.  David has cut the grass, the blossom is on the the fruit trees, the sun is warm. We are past the equinox and at the weekend  British Summer time begins.  So why do small things take up so much time when all you want to do is get out in the sun for a bit!   This morning I spent an hour on the phone talking to O2.  When I bought the new iphone I told them that I was going to keep the old one. It is a splendid ipod and holds lot of music as well as audio books. I said I had no need to keep it as a phone but they said it would be easy just to keep it as a pay as you go phone. That way I could use it if it was needed. This seemed to me an excellent idea. I tried to give it my husband but he wasn't interested. He though I could track his movements much too easily!   They hadn't warned me that the number would change so no one ever rings me on it except for a chap who rings a couple of times a day. As I never hear it I never pick it up to answer him.
I put  £15 of credit into it and thought it would last for a very long time. But it's been going down until this morning it stood at nine pounds with mysterious messages about how much I'd got left and lots of rewards if I topped up fast.
Time for a phone call!  I still can not believe it took an hour to get through all the security steps and two young men before I found out was was happening. I was being charged for data downloads. Every time I got an email or a message from Twitter my balance went down!  This was not what I thought I'd signed up for.
Finally a young man sorted it out for me. I have deleted the cellular data  thingy!
What seemed like an excellent solution to keeping an extra phone wasn"t.
Sounds a bit like life really!

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