Thursday, 10 March 2011

Giving up clothes for Lent.

Having had a very busy day yesterday it was delightful to wake up knowing the only thing in my diary for today was a delivery from Sainsbury's later. So I tackled a problem that's been waiting for.....a long time. I had unpacked after the epic trip but in the process realized that it was time to sort out my wardrobes.
Before we got married my husband had looked at the wardrobes in my little house. He got out a ruler and said at one point. "Four feet of skirts."
Some had to go!
We have lived in our present house for almost five years now and the problem has become acute. This morning was the moment to have a cull of unwanted clothes! This was something I could give up for Lent.
I have now got four big bags to take to the Woman's shelter. And a very guilty conscience. Somehow without my noticing it I have acquired far more clothes than I should have.
Posh frocks forHenley and cruises. Dog walking, heavy duty, weather resistant coats. Clerical wear all in together with my husband's great wine racks. Jumpers, shirts, pants..not to mention the unmentionables.
It has all got out of hand and I hope the battered ladies will enjoy what will be a first installment.
The main problem is of course there is no justification in ever shopping again. My present stuff will see me out as my grand mother used to say.
I could be a very well clad corpse one day. . Not too soon of course. DV.

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