Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blogs as entertainment?

Well here's a thing!  I have today received through the post a whole group of stories from my blog going back a couple of years. I know who has sent them but I have no idea why. A careful reading of them reveals nothing incriminating. I haven't been nasty about anyone or spoken about anything that I could not say in public  .  Apart from saying one man talked a load of bollocks which I have said to his face several times now.
Why anyone should actually want to copy and paste and print them all off is a mystery but I am not complaining!  I am mystified. It is weird. The person obviously thinks they are posts from Face Book which they are not. I seldom if ever  post the link on FB.
There are none  praising God and all His works so obviously the stories appeal more than the sermons!  The person involved has never been a friend on Face Book so why take the trouble?   If I find out I'll let you know!
In the meanwhile I have considered writing something really outrageous, something that would get everyone fuming with outrage!  Trouble is nothing sits quite well enough for that.
This week is fairly busy so there is no way I am going to spend much time in trying to unravel it... but it has made me question. Why blog?
I suppose its the same for us all....it gives us writers  a daily workout. Twitter makes us concise. Blogging gives a bit of space to expand an idea. But mostly I do it for myself. I have always kept a diary and as I get older the  compulsion grows..
It would be good to think I'm being read and by the way many thanks to my regular contributors...I value all your comments allot.  So on we go....  Once more onto the breach dear friends. And I could block the wall up with the one who talks bollocks!
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