Sunday, 10 April 2011


I had a very early service this morning at St Just this morning and an Evensong this evening. Both services are the old one from the Book of Common Prayer. The congregation is often much the same. People love the service they grew up with. I actually love both the BCP and the Common Worship communion that has taken its place in churches with younger congregations. Evensong has it's own beauty and ritual but today it might not be enough.
I have tried hard today not to think about the row going on in the village but as I am part of that row it has come back during my quiet moments.
Someone I know and thought to be a friend has disappointed me and caused misunderstanding between people who should work together amicably.
The row hinges on what constitutes a lie. One friend has told another friend one version of events and yet another version to someone else. She had good reason for doing this. She tried to shield a friend from a very disagreeable truth. In doing this though she has caused two other people to fall out about what was actually said. And the row intensifies daily.
So what do we do? I think only the truth will do now even though hurt will result because the problem with lying is that one small one leads to another much bigger one in an attempt at justification
The dead lock has to be broken before even more grief is caused. But yet again I am very sad for both sides of the row. This is a small village. We all know each other only too well.
Truth and love will conquer it all but only now by hurting one or other of them.
Evensong will put joy in my heart but it's unlikely that that joy will reach as far as the people involved in the row. We can but try Lord.

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