Monday, 11 April 2011

Game playing

I love to play games.    The IT revolution has been a  wonderful thing for me. I can play games whenever I feel like it  or  now when ever I have some time. When I had small children playing games with them was always a great pleasure reserved for wet weekends or holidays in a caravan. We played all the board games, especially Monopoly with great gusto and a certain amount of competitive edge.
Once they left home I was stuck. Neither  husbands  were game players so I had to find friends willing to sit down and play games with me. I once had a friend in hospital for a long time who I played cribbage with complete with  instructions from the nurses that it was not to get too exciting!
Now I play games in solitary isolation. Not just card games on the iPad but many of the other sorts of games...Angry birds is ideal for those days when the urge to hit someone gets too strong!
There are so may puzzle games of all kinds that I am stuck for choice at times but there are two games which I can play on line with real partners . I play  Scrabble on line and have acquired new friends as as old ones that I haven't actually met in years.  Some times its exciting but as it doesn't have to be finished in a particular time frame I can go to bed and leave a game to finish the next day.
Backgammon is different though. I play on line and the game has to be completed so often I only play one at a time to make sure there are not too many saved ones. The people I meet in Backgammon are from all over the world. We don't need a common language. I put a smiley in when there's no English .
Recently I have played my highly competitive son sometimes in the evening much as we used to when he was little. This is a need to travel, to get out the board and put out the pieces. Having technology is wonderful.
I once read that playing games was a sign of intelligence . There is now then also an element in me of wanting to keep the brain cells on the move. No need to get sedentary just yet!

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