Monday, 2 May 2011

The darling buds of May are shaking.

We are having a blow.   We live on a high bit of ground on a peninsula. This means that where ever the wind is coming from, we get it!  The soft damp westerlies are not too bad but occasionally the east and north join forces and then we really get it!  From one side of the garden   Falmouth  is visible through the trees and from the other side we can see Gerrans Bay and as far down as Nare Head and the Dodman on a clear day. We pay for all this beauty on days like today. It is possible to walk in our garden but we are buffeted as we go. Some days its impossible to stay up right and we head off bent double and do stupid things like tethering the trees to the hedgerow!  No wonder that in my old age I have had to start using hair spray!
Today we have found the dustbins lids scattered far and wide, we have lost a lid from a water butt completely, its not even in the garden any more.
Branches are coming down. Petals strew the ground and the new shrubs that went in last week are struggling to stay upright. This is why I am intent on making a windbreak and why I get so cross when various well meaning people "help" by tidying up the hedges and lopping bits off trees.
We get days like this in the winter and the summer and usually things survive. Its the black easterlies that coincide with very cold weather or rain that does most damage. Tops of trees vanish over night. Black replaces green on all the plants and usually we lose them completely. I've replaced everything we lost in the winter and in this battle with nature we are winning....we do now have a very pretty and hopefully fruitful garden. The ancient stone Cornish walls harbour wonderful plants including bluebells and these all survive because they come complete with their own protection.
I am sure its all part of God's great plan and there must be someone somewhere that benefits from the gale force winds. Maybe its time to put a windmill in...Renewable energy!
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