Friday, 27 May 2011

I phone triumphs.

The joy of new technology was enormous today. We set off in the morning not instructing the sat nav where we were going. This was my darling Davids choice ? He knew the route like the back of his hand. Hmm.
We got lost after lunch. We saw some pretty villages but I realised that the main route had escaped us. Gentle enquiries led me to a trip down memory lane when we had driven through the same village three times en route to Henley!
He finally stopped the car and fed in some but not all of our destination. We failed to put our hotel in so when the female voice of calm announced that we were there we were not.
He fiddled some more with the sat nav to no avail. I got out the iPhone. Two minutes later it had told us where we were, found the hotel a few miles away and then led us there.
Wonderful iPhone. How could anyone not love you?

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