Sunday, 22 May 2011

Not failure but real faith.

Its the morning after for us now and we are all still here but how sad for those who were not raptured. I do not share the mocking prevalent at the moment, I feel real sorrow for those who were let down instead of being taken up.
One man said that he'd spent money on his children knowing that using his credit card would be irrelevant after the rapture. Another had gone off around America, he wanted to see his great country for the last time. He had also maxed out his credit card...The temptation to spend money that never needs to be repaid must have been huge.
Some had given away their homes, some their businesses and some their wealth. How they are feeling after the non event I shudder to think.
But let's not knock them or gloat at their failure.. Its not really failure to have such massive faith. .To go forward with that belief   takes  belief of a very real order. We should salute these people that they had sufficient belief in both Christ and themselves to be able to do all of that. It takes immense faith and I applaud them.
As a test   there can be few things in life that will ever be so meaningful again.  Once they have recovered from the knowledge that this particular  faith was misplaced  I pray they will go on with their heads held high and not be scorned by the rest of Christendom.  Not fail but real faith.
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