Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rapture here now.

I really didn't think I was going to blog on this but I find it impossible to ignore. I have like everyone else in this country taken a certain amount of pleasure from contemplating those in the USA getting ready for the rapture. I was invited to the first rapture party at the beginning of the week. Two more followed but unless I sprout wings I'm not going to make it. They are all in the Bible belt!
Of course we don't actually believe it's going to happen here. I've written tomorrow's sermon in the expectation of being there to deliver it. Hopefully not to an empty church.
There's a lot of humor in the situation and I am as guilty as most of finding it funny. Today though the mocking has reached heights which dismay me. It's just too easy a target and when those doing most of the mocking are also those that are piously exhorting us to pray I give up.
No more laughing at those people who have given up their homes and businesses in the sincerely held belief that we are in the last days.
Rapture is what we experience when looking at a flower , a wave arching over before crashing. Sacred music in a beautiful church. A poem that touches our soul. These are the raptures here on earth that matter. They are all gifts from God.
Rapture takes us into places out of this earth. We can experience it every day of our lives. Thank you God.

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