Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I am not a stupid woman    well I don't think so but clearly someone somewhere does. When I asked my husband a few moments ago if I was a stupid woman he laughed and said he needed notice of that question!    I am trying to keep calm but really today has been the last straw.
 I failed to use the mobile banking app on my iPhone  whilst I was away and they asked me to ring when I got back.  So I have done.
All together I have spoken to five actual people and several machines. The people have all been helpful, considerate and useless because they haven't solved the problem and they have just noted that there is one and then passed me on to the next person who is an expert in these things. Ha!
I acknowledge that I am the person who probably started the confusion because I have two phones both with the app on it. Both worked perfectly until they sent out a new one which was supposed to be brilliant. One phone now has the new one and it wont let me register. When I asked how I could get rid of them or one of them I drew a blank. They don't know. The last girl was more sensible than most and said I should register for on line banking as this would sort out all of my problems.
They wouldn't even let me do that!  I have typed in all of the relevant numbers etc...I have done it three times and failed  so I have sent them a message...and it wasn't a rude one..
I am just about ready to change banks now if it were not for the fact that this one pays me my pension.
I am going out to dead head a few roses.  It might be cathartic if I can imagine some bankers on the end of the secateurs.
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