Monday, 13 June 2011

Champagne or socialism?

I reached the height of decadence this morning. I was in the jacuzzi before ten o clock! We had another lovely evening last night, eating well and sampling the local wines and I am very aware of just how lucky we are now although there have been times of my life when I had difficulty in feeding and clothing my family. Life as a single mother was not easy. But.
I have worked hard all my life and still am.
My husband worked even harder. We are both now able to do what we always dreamed and hoped to be able to do in our old age.
Not with the same partners sadly. My first husband died after just 18 months of retirement. My present husbands wife also died much too soon. We were lucky to find each other. Joint expenses mean we can do things we may not have done on our own. We have our pensions.
I claim no expenses from anyone. We give a lot of money away. David used the equity from his last house by splitting it between his three grandsons to pay off their student loans. I gave my house to my son. We both make hefty contributions to various charities. Making money is irrelevant these days for us.
So why do I feel a bit guilty about being able to take good holidays every year when other people have to struggle to survive?
Madeira is very quiet compared previous years. Our hotel is about half full. People everywhere are clearly feeling the pinch so why are we so very lucky? I have no answer to that.
The term champagne socialist is a derogatory one meant to ridicule those who say one thing and do another. But I don't mind it. As a life long socialist who likes champagne it doesn't feel like copping out on my working class roots.
I do not wish to give the impression here that we are rich. Well not in money anyway. We are rich in joy, in love and in beauty. Thank you God for a lovely old age.
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