Saturday, 11 June 2011

Eating out

We are enjoying going out to eat in the evening. The restaurant here is excellent and we will use it again before we go home but strolling out to find somewhere different Is a big part of the holiday.
The harbor is not too far a walk from here and there are several eating places along the wall. Walking past requires both courage and determination. The touts dash out and cajole, plead and even bully the unwary into sampling their food.
The only thing to do is keep walking because once you've stopped, your done for. The one we go to most often has great food but I go because on a previous visit when I was a widow I called in there on my own. They looked after me wonderfully so they get my vote every time.
Eating out is a huge part of every holiday but if you are single it's often a problem. For a start there's no one to talk to. And then you feel like a square peg in a round hole. It can be an embarrassing experience if you draw the attention of the local gigolos so any where that makes you feel welcome, talks to you and puts wonderful food in front of you should be encouraged.
Actually the same could be said about church.

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