Monday, 20 June 2011

Home and back to work.

WE are home from a lovely holiday. The post rests untouched for the moment. Several envelopes have reminded me that another birthday is looming. They are best avoided at my age!
We came home in rain. Praise be, the fruit trees still have apples and the trees which were turning brown when we left seem to have recovered.
Driving home through the lush green country lanes was bliss, and the house is in good order, apart from the fact that great piles of dirty washing await us in the morning!
Falmouth seen from our upstairs windows shows no apparent sign of a major explosion at the weekend. We will no doubt  see more in due course.
This weekend is going to be busy. I have a wedding on Saturday and a christening on Sunday. I really am a very happy, very lucky woman.
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