Monday, 6 June 2011


All this pleasure makes you very tired. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when I recall that in the last 48 hours we have only cat napped mostly because the flight from Exeter was at 2.30 !
It's all gone like clockwork and we are in a place we both know and love.
As a widow I came here on my own and met a lovely man who turned out to be a Catholic priest who wrote books on the Bible. He taught me a great deal during the two weeks we were together here.
David used to come here with his first wife and they also loved it . Especially the flowers and the wonderful bright colours in the harbour. His wife was a gifted painter and some of her pictures hang in our house at home.
Coming to a place much loved by both of us could be difficult David and I are from very different backgrounds and life experiences but somehow it works.
It helps that we bought this time share together. No memories of times past here. And it is very well appointed with gorgeous paintings and artefacts on the Walls. We come every other year and we do know how lucky we are. In all sorts of different ways.

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  1. We loved Madeira when we visited. And would love to go back. Few obstacles in the way at present, but who knows in a year or two, we will have the freedom to return.

    Some of the lovely cafes are well remembered as well as those pestering us for timeshares when we were there.

    We went in early December, and the buildup to Christmas. We saw the graduation service of those pupils finishing their school year at the main Church/Cathedral, very colourful and vibrant event.

    So much more.