Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Caught in a trap?

I have been taught a lesson today....to try not to be funny when interviewing nervous wedding couples.
I met one such couple a couple of months ago...and they were very anxious about all sorts of things so I went out of my way to reassure them that all would be well  for them on their big day. I told them some funny stories about previous weddings here.  We do a lot. My wedding  total is in the several hundreds now  so we are talking a lot of weddings.   Every  one has its own story.
One wedding was for a young man who was in the navy and spent most of his life at sea, so all of our communications were by e mail...We spent some time sorting out the order of service and the hymns during the months leading up to the wedding and I found them an organist. One email told me that the organist would not be needed for the going out music. The groom was bringing a CD.
Fine I had no problem with that.
At the rehearsal the bride told me with some embarrassment that she was pregnant.  I had no trouble with that either...
The rehearsal went well, until we got to the end. The groom had given the CD to his best man.
Cue  music!  There was a pause whilst the groom looked at me and the bride closely.
"Are you ready for this?" he asked us. The music started and it was Elvis Presley singing "Caught in a trap"  Hmmmm
The bride fortunately laughed. and so the next day did the congregation.
This was the story that has inspired the next couple getting married on Saturday.  They rang me up to make sure I was all right with it. What could I say?  They are going out to "Caught in a trap"
That's a lesson to me to keep my mouth firmly shut in future.
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