Saturday, 2 July 2011

Decadent Saturday?

Today has a decadent flavor to it. It's never happened before so my head is taking a while to get used to it but it's Saturday and there's no wedding!
Not only that but my only service tomorrow is the BCP communion at which we don't preach so there's no sermon to write either.
In years gone by the Saturday after Henley has been fraught. For the last five years I have dashed home on Friday evening in order to marry someone on the Saturday.
On one year the couple rang me at seven in the morning to tell me that the massive storm during the night had blown away their marquee! We sorted it!
On those occasions a sort of dogged determination has carried me through in the hope that no one will feel let down by anything.
It is also of course the anniversary of my ordination when I gave my first sermon to the local church starting with the words,
"well who would have thought it? Positive proof that God has a sense of humour "
This Saturday has always been a fraught one for me.
During the period in this parish when I was the only priest for miles around due to death, illness, early retirement etc I still remember the Henley when I wrote two sermons in the car.
This determination to do everything has melted away now. We are not quite so thin on the ground thank goodness...
But it still feels very odd to get up on a beautiful Cornish morning with nothing urgent to do, no one to marry and in fact to be able to chill. Once I've brought the dog home and watered the parched garden!

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