Saturday, 23 July 2011

Drink taken

Got in from a wedding exhausted. I felt as though I was pushing through treacle all the way. The rehearsal did not go well. They had drink taken in rather a big way.
Today was no better. The coach was parked over the road to the church and by the time I got it to move they were whooping it up inside. The noise of slightly hysterical girls followed me into the vestry. I finally went to remind them that they were in a church. Didn't help a lot.
The bride looked wonderful and had about 20 little girls throwing confetti at her as she approached. They were all children she had taught. That was the best bit!
The girl doing a reading demanded a Bible and ordered me to put it in the pulpit. She said she thought I was staff.
The bride and groom were lovely and there were lots of locals there, many of whom I had either married or Christened but by five in the afternoon they were all tired and emotional.
The end came when the couple started off down the aisle. The organist played" The entrance of the Queen of Sheba. "The CD player rang out with "Another one bites the dust!" The wrong Queen won!
The problem here was I think they thought they had hired a venue. It being a church had rather escaped them. It was very lonely saying The Lords Prayer.

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