Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hair dryers for geeks.

 And now for something completely different!  In the past I have had the odd moan...mostly about banks but this time it is to  report wonderful service.
Boots sent me an email last weekend recalling my hair dryer. It was apparently dangerous. Would I please return it to the shop ASAP. Well erm no.  I rang them up explaining that the nearest Boots was quite a long way away and that was why I always order everything on the net. There was no chance of my getting into town this week   or next week. Was it still alright to keep using it?
There was a hurried discussion at the other end. Then the perfect solution was found. Go on line and order another dryer. They would refund the money for the first one. When the new one arrived I was to place  into the box the old hairdryer  and use the returns form to take it back to the Post Office. Simple!  All this was done yesterday and today was the first try out for the new fangled machine.
It is a geeks delight. On its dark body is an area that lights up in use, telling you the temperature, the ions being used and the thrust, in fact everything a girl needs to know when trying to tame  hair. It has several speeds and using it is easy  and it changes colour according to the temperature being used.
Well done Boots for a pragmatic simple solution . Well done the new hairdryer which promises hours of fun to come!   I'll no doubt get used to it in time...and in the meanwhile the punk vicar will start to write the sermon!
Because now I have hair that is dry, sticking right up like a punk rockers and the brush is finding it hard to deal with it. I would take a picture and post it but I don't want to frighten the horses.
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