Monday, 18 July 2011

No power.

We are now on the second Monday without electricity. No one has told us why. Again this morning we vacuumed early and I got a meal in the oven to be eaten rather earlier than usual. This afternoon you can imagine my joy on finding a man in a bright citrus jacket standing in the next field looking skywards.
He looked a bit nervous when the dog barked but I reassured him and then tried to get some info out of him.

He denied all knowledge of electricity. He pointed to his logo. It was an Open reach logo.
"Oh good" I said brightly. "Are you going to get us some fibre optic thingymums ?"
He was dazed. He then denied all knowledge of thingymums !
So I pressed on hoping to find some reason why a man in a psychedelic jacket was walking round a field on a wet July day.
He said he was only looking at the pole. There is a large telegraph pole between us and Falmouth.
"Will that come down?" I asked.
He went back to being dazed.
"Oh no "he said. "I don't think so. "
It was a surreal conversation held in a howling gale in the middle of the field.

I have still no idea what he's doing here. Or when the power will come back on. But I don't think he does either.
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Location:Falmouth,United Kingdom

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