Thursday, 21 July 2011

Reading hunger.

Yet again this morning I am marveling at the new world I find myself in. Currently downloading on my laptop is Lion. It's a new system from Mac to make everything simple and easier to read. It says here!
As a little girl I lived first with my grandparents and then with my parents when I was seven. We were poor. I had no access to books apart from Victorian tracts and the Bible in my grandparents house. I devoured them with real hunger.
My parents didn't even have those. Women's Own, the Dandy and Beano plus the News of the World were available on demand. My hunger to read extended to sauce bottles and cornflakes packets.
The saving grace came when my dad went on nights. He slept during the day but needed books too..remember there was no TV in those days.
I was dispatched to the coop library at least twice a week to get books for him but whilst I was there I found some for me too. I read every book in the children's library by the time I was ten. So I then started on the grown up books. At last my hunger was appeased.

This morning I downloaded before breakfast a new book onto the iPad kindle. I read the first chapter immediately The contrast between then and now is stark. I am so glad to have seen the way our lives have been reshaped by modern technology and been able to use it.
My only problem is that three social net working sites might be hard to juggle. But I'll give them a try. The new system will help when it finishes downloading.

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