Thursday, 7 July 2011

To get involved?

Better not to get involved! Bloody silly observation and too late! I got involved with things when I was 15. Age has not prevented me from feeling for those in need.
I had a visit this morning from someone near to total despair. I was still grieving my impotence to help when another visitor gave me the advice. Not get involved ? I know of no other way!
I got involved at 15 when working in what was then known locally as the cripple children's home, when parents failed to turn up at Christmas to visit their desperately sick children. My mother said I was too soft!
I got involved when children I taught arrived at school bruised and smelling of week old urine.
I still get involved when someone dies long before their time. I get involved all the time with people in need and know of no way not to. If I care for people then there is no other way.
When things get really desperate I still have the option of shouting at God! He hears.

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