Monday, 4 July 2011

Watering and praying

This glorious weather is wonderful. I am not complaining. Much.
However the drought situation is back in my particular bit of Cornwall. Whilst we were away it rained a bit. When we came home everything looked refreshed. The sun has shone non stop since. I have already lost several young trees and shrubs so watering has become an every day necessity. I leave it till late afternoon and then it takes a couple of hours. I don't use a hose because when I tried the dam thing got stuck, or knotted and I spent far too much time pulling it around. The garden is at least 100 yards long! So it's all done by hand from three large butts filled every day by my clever husband using a pump. Gallons of water I carry!
I really, don't mind watering. It's better than the alternative! But it eats into what used to be my prayer time.
So I can pray and water at the same time. And I do. I often burst into song at some point. The Magnificat can be heard at the next farm down the lane.
I don't worry too much about my neighbors. They already know they have a mad woman living near them.
Visitors can be a bit surprised though. Not sure how the cows feel.

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