Monday, 22 August 2011

Computers or stumbling blocks?

Yesterday evening's service was truly amazing...we gave communion to 130 people, the music soared , the choir sang well and everyone went home exhausted but very happy . Today all the flowers , still glowing like beautiful jewels have been dismantled for a funeral tomorrow.
I got up very late.  I expected to have a quiet day but in fact it has not worked out quite like that. Two things have intruded  into the peace. One was a meeting not in my  diary which I had to go to as it was to sort out the rota,  up till and including Christmas.  The meeting finished I rushed home to feed my man and to sort out his computer as promised.
 I installed Lion on my Mac book pro a couple of weeks ago and it is my husband wanted it too. I explained that he could buy it from the App store on line but he had no such symbol on his laptop. So I tried to install Snow leopard ..the system before that.
Not a good idea.    Before it would download  it wanted my husband's password....he was not sure what it was  and had no idea how to find it so I went in to try to help.  I really should have know better. I have now tried three different passwords.   I have tried to change it several times but nothing works. It will simply not play!
Not only that but it seems to have cleared various photos and documents from it. The only thing working now   is  his E mail...He is not saying much but I am standing on fairly rocky ground right now.
So I rang the shop. They say they can help but I remain to be convinced.
We will take it in the morning. Far from a haven of peace and tranquility, this week looks all set to be a nightmare . We take so much for granted these days with  all the new technology it is a major catastrophe when it goes wrong. Its much worse when its someone's fault and in this case the fault is mine.
That'll teach me!
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