Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wifi sharing.

I have only just realised that its the August Bank Holiday weekend.  This explains a lot.
In August we are inundated with visitors down here...and this is good news. They fill our churches as well as our shops and we do our best to welcome them and not mind too much when they are still in holiday mode during the small hours of the morning.
What its hard to forgive them for is bringing their  mobile phone and iPads away with them!
Last year was bad enough but this year its pretty well unbearable.
It took me a while to realise that the loss of wifi here was due to the visitors....there is just not enough broadband to go round so you get on line and moments later its all gone again.
I am now using the mobile phone for almost everything as it just goes to 3G when all else fails.
But thats slow , much slower than when its working properly.
However the phone presents it own problems for me. I often hit the wrong buttons and find that I have favourated something I haven't even read, or un followed someone inadvertently, or worse followed someone by mistake.
I must make a resolution never to tweet on the hoof, rushing from one job to the next. This would save embarrassment or worse, hurt feelings.
I am now in the dreadful trap of waiting for the Bank holiday to be over, and school to start...then we can get back to what has become normal life...tweeting and game playing on the internet!
Sad isn't it?

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