Thursday, 15 September 2011

The leaving of Liverpool.

We are sailing past the bit of North Wales where I used to live. Memories are flooding in but are giving way to even older memories. The Liverpool I knew as a girl has gone so they all tell me. My best friend at college was a Liverpudlian and when we had enough money we would go into the city, look for Chinese restaurants and eat wonderful exotic food.
I've been back lots of times since then but we left North Wales in 1981 and have not been back so I am expecting many changes.
In an afternoon we can't see it all but the one thing I really want to see is the Catholic cathedral I first saw the glorious glass windows when I was a girl. They took my breath away. Since then Paddys Wigwam must have changed bit but I'm hoping the windows will be the same!
The Beatles thing happened after I'd left it. It's amazing that many of the tours offer the Cavern as part of the heritage.
From the top of Moel Famau where I used to live I could see Liverpool and the Wirral stretched out below me. It would be wonderful if I could see the top of the mountain today from either the sea or the city. It would provide a lovely symmetry in my life.
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