Monday, 5 September 2011

Murdoch's choice of friends.

I am a little shocked at the revelation that Tony Blair is a god parent to one of Rupert Murdoch's children. Tony Blair is a Christian. He must be aware of what is involved in being a godparent. Was he really agreeing to help the child to grow spiritually?
The more cynical amongst us may I think be for given for thinking that the motives of both men might be suspect..
Murdoch clearly hoped to rule the world, making overtures to all those in power. It is dismaying to think of all the decisions in our life time he may have been able to influence.
To invite people to be godparents to a child is bending all the rules of normal social intercourse beyond anything normal, if you don't know them well.
So, if it comes to that is to invite people to stay with you at Christmas or go on holiday with them..
By making sure that the people in power took his hospitality and had real connections with his family he has managed to surround himself with people of clout. The recent discoveries about phone hacking seem not to have dented this man or his family much if at all...
But I do wonder about what sort of person allows himself to be manipulated in this way...Blair, Brown, Cameron...they all seem to have joined in!
This is the way the world ends, not even with a whimper, but with a silver cup engraved with a babies name on it.
Lord have mercy.

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