Thursday, 8 September 2011

Packing again

Over the years I've done a lot of packing...and I always end up taking too much. I suppose thats a common female thing. You try to think of all the different occasions  you may be going to experience. It could be hot. .It could be freezing!  You could be swimming. Or walking, or shopping, or visiting churches.
Some of the clothes that our visitors here, wear are extraordinary but I am much too old now to wander around cities in shorts and sun tops.
At least I don't have to pack my husband's things....he is very determined on that score and in the past I have benefitted from finding just enough room in his suitcase for a couple of sweaters if needed!
Next week we are off again and its only a short trip but am I using it to do some experimental packing, Instead of waiting till the last minute and slinging  a load of stuff into a case with just  hours to go, this time I have laid it all out on the spare bed. I will try to make sure that things match. I will only take just enough for the week and no more. mmmmm.  The road to hell etc comes to mind...
My appalling experience in Capetown last year of having to repack in full public view has I believe cured me of excess...I am determined never ever  again to be refused at the last minute.
Tablets, Ipad and Iphone chargers, insect repellent, sun screen... shampoo, etc all need careful thought. as well as carrying!
At least we are spared from carting great loads of books around now....everything is on kindles etc...
I don't actually go till Monday morning early but the necessity of frugal packing is exercising my mind as you can tell!  
But in the middle of it all I have chosen the hymns for Sunday....whew!


  1. Have a good trip. Reminds me when we went on a round the world trip. We took one case between us and gathered more on the journey as we acquired things. Arrived back with four.

    Good buying trip for clothes especially in the far east. Haven't done anything like that since Hong Kong in 99, perhaps we need to venture outside the UK again soon?

  2. Enjoy your holiday Jean. I don't know how you manage the packing thing.
    I'm only going away for 3 or 4 days and can't make my mind up what to take. I'd never cope with 2 weeks or more.

  3. I always take too much. I do have a list, which I add to or prune, but yes, that list includes things which would have been invaluable on one holiday (earplugs, mini-white noise maker, bath tub stoppers) but are unnecessary on the next. I even carry contingency medication, for colds, coughs, flu, which one hopes not to use, after discovering that, in Norway for instance, there is no cold medicine sold without a prescription. I no longer stress about it, though. Worst things in life than travelling heavy!!