Friday, 30 September 2011

Sexy government.

I got up to a mystery this morning. On a quick look at yesterday's blog I found that around an extra 400 people had looked at it during the night. Forty I could have coped with but 400? In one night? Further investigation showed that the four hundred probably came from the USA. Even more of a mystery. I considered. I pondered. I worried a little. Now I think I may have a solution. Included in the blog title was the word "Government"
If you were googling government in a place where seething interests are desperate to get a particular government out then to look for anything on the subject may look like a good idea!
In which case they must have been terribly disappointed. There was nothing political either about this country or America. There was nothing really about government either. Just how it was affecting one person!
But it has been very interesting. The last time I got so many hits was when the title contained the word "sex".
So the secret of successful blogging is clearly to find the buzz words that excite the interest. Sexy government might be a good one! We shall see!
And I apologize to anyone who is reading this by mistake!

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