Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I was that hippie.

I was reading the blog of Archdruid Eileen as she wonders where all the hippies have gone....well one of them is still around. I was indeed a hippie. I embraced flower power with joy and as I trod the flowered path I learned a great deal.
At first it was just great fun. I loved the long skirts and skimpy tee shirts. I had one long purple skirt embroidered with flowers that I wore to near extinction.
I was a vegetarian and a young mother and a teacher and I fitted it all in with huge enjoyment.
I was still a Christian of course but learning to do Transcendental meditation enhanced that rather than cancelled it out. It certainly brought me closer to God.
There were some difficult moments though.
I had a colleague who was not just a hippie but also a firebrand. She was a very outspoken woman's libber and indeed contributed to one of the new magazines on that subject weekly.
She came for a meal one night and enjoyed the lentil bake I gave her.
Over the pudding she leaned over the table and said
"So what do you do about your tits Jean"
Both of my children leaned forward and giggled.
I didn't really know what she meant. But no I had not burned my bra and never did.
I loved the whole thing. For me it was a period of self exploration and happiness.
I know the sixties now are looked back upon with some contempt as are the Beatles journeys into TM but I can only speak as I find and for me being a hippie was one of the building blocks that brought me to who I am today. And I do thank God for it.
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